Customized Compounds for Women’s Health

King’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center is the right place to find custom medication formulations for women’s health. Whether you’re going through fertility treatments, pregnancy, or hormone therapy, we can create the best treatment options and specialized prescriptions for the best possible outcome for patients.

With state-of-the-art equipment and expertly-trained staff, King’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center has expertise in creating quality formulations. Because compounding is so versatile, preparations in oral, topical, and vaginal dosage forms are available to our clients under their doctor’s guidance.

Particularly when it comes to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, patients need personalized medications that fit their specific bodily needs. Thanks to compounding, we can create an array of treatments for optimizing women’s health.

Other preparations we make include specific dosages of medications for pregnant women, IVF treatments, and formulations to support menopause, among other women’s health issues.


• Uterine Health Supplements


• Prenatal Vitamins
• Morning Sickness
• Progesterone Supplements


• Hot Flashes
• Hormone Replacement Therapy


Trying to conceive can be a tough process for women experiencing infertility given that most fertility treatments are expensive and time-consuming. So it’s understandable that patients want to do everything possible to increase their chances of conceiving, including finding the right combination of medications for the treatment they are receiving.

King’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center can custom create medications for whichever cycler you’re on, from IVF to IUI and other treatments. Our pharmacists are trained to not only customize your medication but also guide you through the process of administering them. This way, you’ll rest assured knowing that you’re getting the best possible chance to conceive.

Some of the medications we carry include Gonal-F®, Ovidrel®, Cetrotide®, Estradiol Valerate, Progesterone in Oil, HCG (e.g. Pregnyl®), and progesterone suppositories.


Women’s bodies go through so many changes during pregnancy, which makes them unable to take several kinds of medications or the standard dosages of common medicines. Our compounding pharmacy is capable of creating customized medications that are safe for both mother and baby.

One of the biggest complaints during pregnancy is nausea and vomiting, and sometimes, traditional anti-nausea medications fail to offer relief. That’s where King’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center comes in. We can create formulas that are specific to an individual woman’s needs in the delivery system that best suits their current condition, such as lollipops or suppositories when the nausea makes medications hard to swallow.

Other popular medications we create for pregnant women include progesterone vaginal suppositories to support progesterone levels during pregnancy. We also create compounded solutions for post-partum needs, such as all-purpose nipple oimnents with Mupirocin, Betamethasone, and Miconazole.


As women age, their bodies go through a variety of changes and hormone levels fluctuate and ultimately decline. These changes can lead to weight gain, urinary problems, incontinence, low libido, sleep deprivation, migraines, and more. Being able to supplement what is lacking improves quality of life substantially. Through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), we may be able to manage women’s health needs at every stage, and especially menopause.

At King’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center, we can create custom compounds tailored to a woman’s specific hormonal requirements, especially when it comes to BHRT. This seeks to restore balance and typically involves estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol. Hormonal imbalances, if left uncorrected, contribute to osteoporosis, increased risk for cardiovascular disease, and diminished quality of life due to hot flashes, night sweats, decreased sex drive, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Some of the compounded medications we create to support menopause and BHRT include Estradiol, Estriol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, and Pregnenolone. These can be delivered in cream, capsule, troche, or sublingual suspension forms.